Quality Construction

  • ½" Wide 201 Stainless Steel Band
  • 304 Stainless Steel Hex/Phillips/Flat Screw
  • Break Torque 8~14 NM, Free Torque < 0.5NM
  • Diameter Range: 3.5" to 4.75"
Multi Head Drive
5/16" Hex / Phillips / Flat Blade

All stainless steel components ensure a super-long duty life and provide smoother operation.  The exclusive multi-driver head makes projects easier without having to switch tools.

DC4 Dryer Clamps

DC4 Dryer Worm Drive Clamps 100% Stainless Steel

Faster Connections

Unlike zinc coated clamps, a stainless steel band delivers noticeably smoother operation. DryerClamps open fully so you can get them around the transition duct when you connect it to the wall (other clamps don't). Their extended screw provides ample space for hex head drivers and makes power drill use a breeze. DryerClamps are built tough to help you move to the next job faster.